March 10, 2015

Kamina 1/8 GK Fast WIP

 The 3rd GK I made (Item #22451)

Emu Maru Purasu (Circle)
 [ E2046 Cast ]

This Kit was soooo easy to put together
very old E cast I bought from a Fellow MFC buddy.

Respect, yo!

 Didn't I say it was easy to put together....? Heck Yes
I lightly pasteled areas of the pants for shadowing
but I used Krylon Base coat grey as the Main color haha

As for the Bandages I glued Teflon Tape and layered it...shhh :P
The eyes need to be painted with shaved down tooth picks for detail!
 Still fixing it up with weathering areas. Why would he be a clean Kit!?

Also making a base is many ideas.....

So Keep thoses eyes peeled and watch my Deviantart for the finished Bro!



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