May 05, 2015

Sailor Mars 1/6 Part #5 Base/Finishing

From there I usually eyeball the size from the paper.
I baked sculpey it then added flames with Golden Regular Gel.

Starts of white goo color then dries clear and followed this guide to paint flames. It didn't sound hard but painting flames is hard to do.

I ended up painting it like the guide
then layering more Gel on it.
 Since the gel dries clear I paint the tips red which makes is look "real-er" than my previous Ideas.

May 04, 2015

Sailor Mars 1/6 Part #4 Touching up BooBoos

I ended up going with
 Model Color
#036 2 Drop
#020 1 Drop
#001 1 Drop

Thats the base Skintone and ended up well!
Not too yellow or peachy color.

So, I'm about done with the kit just touch up and stray parts.
Or so I thought....