May 04, 2015

Sailor Mars 1/6 Part #4 Touching up BooBoos

I ended up going with
 Model Color
#036 2 Drop
#020 1 Drop
#001 1 Drop

Thats the base Skintone and ended up well!
Not too yellow or peachy color.

So, I'm about done with the kit just touch up and stray parts.
Or so I thought....

I ended up finding a flaw unseen til I painted the kit.

I pretty much need to prime this putty zones ( UGH )
Then I basically took shopping bags and wrapped the part and primed (Fancy Right!?)

I repeated this to every part which was a pain in the butt!

 While that was dying I ended up doing the eyes basically Dark to Light is the way to go.

 Black, Model Color Violet then white.
Some parts had to be paint with toothpicks!

I stained the wood a dark cherry
 and use a Wax paper for working the clay
In order to make the Sailor Mars symbol.

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