June 09, 2015

Sailor Mars 1/6 Part #6 Final

I finally received my sakura pen set. (Amazon)

This hands down has to be the one of the best items I've ever bought for this hobby! 

From pin lining on Mars shoes to getting better detail on her eyes. This was really worth the money. And it was cheaper on amazon and bigger set than what was available offline.

The brush pens really helped with the
Kanji I needed to write on the scrolls.

Besides that I bought Star Confetti (Amazon) for Sailor Mars dangling earrings.
That was a ordeal to glue but well worth it!

With all that outta the way 
I just need one more round of sealer but I'm currently waiting for the glue to dry. 

It says 5min it sets but the glue I bought still is mushy til a full 24hrs. 

I'm done just need to make a Light box. Then post on my DA so keep your eyes peeled.

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